VMagic Feminine Lips Stick - travel size intimate skin salve .65 oz

Vmagic Feminine Lips Stick is the concentrated travel size version of the Vmagic Intimate Skin Cream. It contains 1.5x more of the healing compound, Melexylem.

Vmagic Feminine Lips Stick

      • Instantly calms and soothes irritated, chafed, itchy and inflamed skin
      • Wicks away and prevents odor-causing and irritating bacteria buildup
      • Provides long-lasting, nourishing moisture and balance 24/7
      • Protects sensitive skin from irritating friction

Discomfort  -Brings instant relief to chafed, dry, itchy, rashy, inflamed intimate skin.




Moisturizing  -Delivers everyday protective lasting moisture. 1 in 4 women suffer from vulvar dryness caused by hormonal changes, hygiene products and  other environmental factors.

Intimate Activity - Feels like velvet, smells and tastes like honey, works like Magic before during and after intimate activity.

Deodorizer / Refresher  -Removes and prevents odor causing bacteria and helps maintain vulvar skin moisture and balance throughout the day

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Made in small batches, Vmagic is uncompromisingly pure and made with organic ingredients; containing the most medicinally active and highest quality materials.
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100% bioactive ingredients are:

  • Organic Olive Oil - soothing and moisturizing emollient
  • Organic Avocado Oil - rich in EFA and Vit E, repairing and nourishing
  • Organic BEESWAX - protective emollient
  • Organic Honey - mineral rich, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic
  • Melexylem  Proprietary Honey and Propolis 28 day bio fusion - enzyme rich, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant
    1. Organic Sea Buckthorn - rich in Vit A, D, E, carotenoids, repairing and nourishing 
    how to use & other FAQs
    Apply nightly to affected areas. Carry with you in your bag for daytime and on-the-go needs.

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