Po Sum On warming remedy oil for injury, pain 100ml

A fabulous spicy-smelling topical oil, use this for its anti-inflammatory and warming effects. For headaches, and totreat sprains, aches and pains in the back, muscles and joints, as well as for conditions like neuralgia and osteoarthritis.  

- It’s made by steam distillation of the herbs, and contains no synthetic ingredients.
- It’s a warming lightweight oil to stimulate circulation, with an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

more info
  • Peppermint oil has been used through the centuries as an analgesic and to treat spasms.  
  • Tea oil is extracted from the seeds of tea plants.  It doesn’t have a strong scent and is a smooth rich oil, not unlike olive oil, which makes it easy and pleasant to rub on the skin. 
  • The wonderfully named Dragon's blood is actually a resin extracted from rattan palms known as Daemonorops draco.  It has been used for centuries in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat wounds, bleeding piles, menorrhagia and diarrhea. 
  • Cinnamon oil, which has also been used medicinally since ancient times, has high concentrations of antioxidants.  It has a warming effect which helps boost circulation.
  • Licorice and scute both have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
ingredients & packaging
Great smelling oil in a 100ml glass bottle, placed a beautiful tin cylinder
Peppermint oil       57.30 ml
Tea oil                    38.77 ml
Dragon blood           2.07ml
Cinnamon oil           0.96 ml
Scutellaria               0.58 ml
Licorice                   0.32 ml
how to use & other FAQs
Use sparingly on affected areas. Massage into skin. Careful near clothing or sheets, it may stain. For external use only.

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