Ergonomic Nasopure + 20 Ph Balanced Saline Packets - Controlled Nasal Rinse

Nasal irrigation just once a day can help reduce mucus, curb postnasal drip and reduce sinusitis. Clean bacteria from your nasal passages and wash out allergens/bacteria you've inhaled. Remember this when you get off of the crowded airplane!  It rinses out bacteria, dust particles, mucous from those narrow passages.  

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Naturally promotes nasal and sinus drainage with a gentle, effective ergonomically designed tool. Manage and relieve symptoms of allergy, sinusitus, cold, flu, rhinitus. Using Nasopure may benefit and reduce swelling of nasal passages while removing bacteria, allergens, pollutants and particles,
ingredients & packaging
8 oz BPA-free squeeze bottle and 20 PH balanced saline packets.
how to use & other FAQs
Wash hands before starting. Add Nasopure saline packet to your bottle. Can use either full or half packet depending upon your comfort level. Fill bottle with warm purified, distilled, or previously boiled water. Twist cap onto bottle, close by pushing on the tip. Shake to dissolve saline. 
Stand over bathroom sink, keep head straight and look forward. No need to crane your neck. Place bottle tip in one nostril and point tip towards the back of throat, not angled up toward eyes. Do not point tip upward.
Squeeze bottle gently till you feel solution run through nose and exit either through mouth. Repeat on the other nostril.  

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