pH Balanced Saline Packets (40) No-Burn Nasal Rinse

Just like cooking salt, saline has a wide variety of pH balance. After trialing 4 different rinsing systems and saline solutions, this produces the most comfortable, smooth rinse with no burning or irritation. We've tried other saline solutions and the Nasopure is the most comfortable and non-burning, non- irritating.

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Each packet makes either 4 oz buffered hypertonic or 8 oz isotonic (milder) solution. The solution is a 3% saline with a pH of 8 (effective soluion with no burning), perfect for sinus rinsing. For those who rinse - never use table salt (irritating pH) or sea salt (possible contaminants) in your nasal rinse solution.
ingredients & packaging
40 buffered saline packets of pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate with no other additives or ingredients.
how to use & other FAQs
Use half packet or full packet in 8oz Nasopure squeeze bottle.

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