Uncommon Remedy Organic Ginger & Echinacea Immune Boost/Digestive Tea 2oz.

The delicious, non-caffeinated brew of Ginger and Echinacea helps to boost the immune system and relieve digestive discomfort and nausea. Sip on this when you feel the onset of a cold or flu.

From Tweefontein Farm in upstate New Paltz, New York. They provide all natural organic products, straight from the earth to you.

Tweefontein Herb Farm incorporates the wisdom and strengths of permaculture, biodynamic farming, and homesteading to grow the herbs and plants that provide the medicinal benefits found in their teas.

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ingredients & packaging
2oz of fragrant, loose leaf tea in a reusable square tin.
Pesticide-free, organic ginger and echinacea
how to use & other FAQs
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