Uncommon Remedy Gift Pack of 3 Ginger Bottles - for Drug-Free digestive relief

A drug-free digestive aid and anti-nausea remedy. Three 6oz travel size bottles of gluten-free, vegan, GMO-free diced ginger, with no additives other than raw cane sugar! Great gift for pregnant moms, chemo patients, travelers.

Health benefits include reducing nausea, pain, and inflammation. 

Delicious - non-fibrous, we use only the tender parts of the ginger root. Tastes almost like a gummy it's so smooth.

For chemo, nausea, motion sickness, pregnancy, doctor's visits, and just healthy snacking. 

Diced baby ginger root, raw cane sugar and nothing else. Grown in the South Pacific Islands. Free of Preservatives, Caffeine, Gluten & GMO’s 


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