S.W.A.T. Travel Size EPA approved Virus/Bacteria disinfectant 2oz.



Virucide, Tuberculocide, Bactericide and Germicide

SWAT uses a hypochlorous acid active ingredient (HOCl) that kills resistant bacteria, viruses, germs at the cellular level without damaging organic tissue - without harming children, animals or plants. This clean smelling powerful disinfectant can be used in institutional facilities as well as your home.

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Use to spray inside masks, clothings, scrubs, sheets, curtains, etc. Kills on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Deodorizes by killing the bacteria that causes odors.

Aids in the reduction of cross-contamination between treated surfaces.

No alcohol, Phenol or VOC.

Safe and effective for waste water treatment and septic. Safe around animals, plants and children. For external use only.

ingredients & packaging
2oz packaged in cobalt blue plastic locking spray bottles.


Hypochlorous Acid.................................0.046%

Contains 500 ppm Free Available Chlorine (FAC)

how to use & other FAQs

Spray suspected areas with SWAT. Let stand for 10 minutes for a full kill.

Use on clothing, curtains, furniture, non-porous items, packaging - it's gentle on all items exposed to virus, bacteria and germs.

**Note: SWAT Disinfectant*/Sanitizer** has a 30 day shelf life at a concentration of 500ppm, after which a slow reduction in ppm of Free Active Chlorine begins and then this product becomes a powerful sanitizer rather than a disinfectant.

*Disinfecting a surface will “kill” the microscopic organisms.

**Sanitizing is meant to reduce, not kill, the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Keep out of direct sunlight and do not freeze.

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