Uncommon Remedy Hand Crafted Buckwheat | Lavender Linen Neck Pillow

We looked everywhere for the perfect neck pillow, but could only find cylinders or traditional shaped buckwheat pillows. This is a handmade, hourglass design that shapes to your neck and cradles your head to prevent you from side sleeping. 

Back sleeping is better for the spine and sleeping with this neck pillow, ensures that your spine is in the correct position. This sleeping position aides in relieving neck, shoulder and upper back pain.

Buckwheat is also cooling, moldable to neck and spine. Perfect for those suffering from night sweats.

Patients with one sided shoulder pain often sleep on their side.  Almost invariably, they are sleeping on the side with pain.  Breast or head and neck cancer patients who have recently had surgery should try to sleep on their back, so the chest and shoulder muscles are not compressed.  This is the perfect pillow to practice your back sleeping.

Key Points 

  • Back sleeping with this pillow keeps spine & neck in a neutral position, the back is straight and not forced into any contortions.  
  • Back sleeping is also a winner for the more cosmetically inclined. Spending all night with the face out in the air—and not squashed against a pillow—leads to fewer facial wrinkles. 
  • The hourglass shape of the Uncommon Neck Pillow encourages back sleeping and prevents you from rolling to the side. 
  • The pre-washed linen is soft to the skin, yet textured enough to keep you cool and let gentle lavender scent through. 
  • Not recommend for pregnant women. 


  • 100% hand stitched washed linen - color - concrete grey 
  • Measures 16"Long, 10" diameter at neck, 14" diameter at ends to prevent rolling on side.
  • Washed organic buckwheat hulls and a sprinkling of organic lavender


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