ASAP Silver Topical Wound Gel - Kills bacteria, fungus & yeast -1.5 oz

This topical gel uses the strength of patented nano silver to effectively kill bacteria, fungus and yeast.

Use ASAP on minor cuts, burns, lacerations, abrasions and skin irritations. It won’t stain, stick, sting or burn – so no need to chase the kids down to apply it. 

more info
ASAP OTC™ has been evaluated in standard tests that show it can reduce the levels of common microorganisms including: •Staphylococcus aureus •Pseudomonas aeruginosa •Escherichia coli •MRSA and VRE •Fungi such as Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger
ingredients & packaging
1.5 oz. of Water Based gel in a tube.
24PPM Proprietary Silver Solution purified water, nano-silver at .01 micron
how to use & other FAQs
Clean wound. Use clean applicator to liberally cover the wound with ASAP gel and secondary dressing, if needed. We also recommend swabbing the inside of nostrils as a preventative for airborne virus inhalation.

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