5 Anti-fog Perfect Fit Disposable Masks ASTM Level 3 (limit 3 sets)


Worried about loose-fitting disposable masks? This mask has you covered -no gaps on the side or space by the nose.

360 Face Masks are 100% latex-free and fiberglass-free, with an inner layer that is free of dye, chemicals and lint. There is a unique anti-fog cushion to help absorb moisture and reduce fogging. 

Keep spares in your car, desk, office, backpack....

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SECURE PROTECTION 4-Ply protection. ≥99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE), ≥99% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) @ 0.1 micron.
This 4 PLY Face Mask features a revolutionary 360 Design that provides complete full coverage protection. When opened, the mask forms a V-shape that prevents collapse and provides extra breathing volume. The exclusive curved-edge design permits the mask to lay flat against the skin surface, which easily conforms to different face shapes. Together, the unique shape and curved edges form a complete 360 seal around the nose and mouth.
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CoolSilk® lint-free inner layer provides a cool & long lasting soft feeling without fluffy irritation. Non-woven anti-fog cushion reduces fogging of eyewear
how to use
Place mask over nose and mouth. Place loop over ear and gently form the mask to fit your nose. Check for loose fit and adjust.

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