Better than Biotene -Xyligel Natural Dry Mouth Gel (vegan) 1.7 oz

Whether your dry mouth is caused by medications, surgery, cannabis or Sjogren's - it's an annoying problem. A pasty mouth, tongue like sandpaper and cavities are common occurrences.

Here's an effective alternative that works -  In clinical studies with my patients, XyliGel was effective in keeping the mouth moist - with natural ingredients, pH balanced and great tast. 

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    Soothing vegan gel that coats the mouth with 17% xylitol and lubricant to relieve dry mouth and decay. Non-acidic and pH buffered to the best range for the mouth, pH 7. Can be used daytime and before bed. Coats, moisturizes, and lubricates mouth and tongue. Stimulates saliva. Reduces plaque and new cavities. Non-acidic-pH buffered to pH 7.4. Vegan.
    ingredients & packaging
    1.7 oz of gel packaged in a biodegradable tube. 
    Contains 17% Xylitol, vegetable oil, water, mono and di-potassium phosphate pH buffer, vanillin, rosemary
    how to use & other FAQs
    Apply in mouth and use tongue to spread between teeth and gums. Apply before bed to eliminate night time dry mouth and during the day. Useful before long conversations or meetings.  

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