Germanium Charcoal Embedded Arm Brace for Pain, Lymphadema

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Pain Relief - anti-inflammatory wear works to reduce swelling, alleviate pain, muscle fatigue and soreness by modulating circulation.

Incrediwear fabric is embedded with semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon. Activated by body heat, the fabric increases blood flow and recovery while reducing inflammation, tissue damage and pain.
To date, studies have shown that Incrediwear products increase circulation by up to 22% at rest, and have shown powerful results in reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain relief. A study performed by a Major League Soccer team showed an acceleration of recovery time by 46%.
Key points

  • Those with pain, post surgery, chemo-induced arm pain to support muscles, tendons and bones.  Wear or relief from symptoms affiliated with: Arthritis Tendonitis, Lymphedema, Muscle Fatigue, Swelling.
  • The Incrediwear Arm Brace is embedded with two semiconductor elements that increase circulation.
  • Comes in one size. Should fit snugly.
  • Wear the brace to relieve pain, swelling and accelerate recovery of bicep, elbow, forearm related injuries or conditions. A must wear for lymphadema patients. 
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ingredients & packaging
70% Germanium Charcoal Embedded Polyester
15% Nylon
15% Spandex
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