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for wellness seekers, cancer patients and survivors


we work with patients to support their immune system, reduce the side effects of life's issues, improve overall health & well-being.

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Our goal is to eliminate plastics, use safe, responsible ingredients & packaging. We're committed to improving the health of planet and the people that occupy it. The compelling beauty of the 1% for the Planet movement is that we can all participate. It's done in a myriad of ways—through daily purchases, partnerships, memberships— creating a groundswell of collective action through the 1% for the Planet movement. Uncommon Remedy is a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

remedy reviews

from customers & patients

Emma C.

Dr. T is incredibly professional and personable and knows cancer therapy and treatments inside/out so she works on problem areas before they become problem areas. She's upbeat and a haven at a crazy time. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emma C.

Sandi H.

She is there to help my body support me through the conventional cancer treatments. Dr. T’s treatments have helped me immensely with fatigue, general malaise, hot flashes, sinus problems and pain.

Sandi H.